The Fund For The Protection of Journalists Was Re-activated With The Financial Assistance of a Number of Government Officials

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Ghadiri-Kabul appearance
Monday, 15 January 2014 at 20:37

Officials from the National Bank of Iran-sponsored fund for the protection of journalists said the fund began to pay for some money from a number of government officials.

The fund was created a few years ago for the purpose of sponsoring journalists in the country, but was not active due to lack of financial assistance and lack of funding.
Fund activist Asef Wardak, chairman of the fund today (Monday), said the reopening of the fund is a good start for financial support from journalists, which has the prestige of the semi-insurance fund.
Mr. Wardak said recently a number of government officials, including First Deputy Prime Minister Abdul Rashid Dostum and Balkh Provincial Leader Atta Mohammad Noor have provided some money to support journalists, and this fund was once again activated.
This fund was created a few years ago for the purpose of sponsoring journalists in the country, but was not active due to lack of financial assistance and lack of funds.
Recently, after a suicide bombing at the French Cultural Center in the Kabul Autonomous District, a journalist and Zabir Hatami, who shot a television camera, wounded the lack of money to treat them abroad, Zabir Hatami died after ten days at the hospital.
After this event, Mr. Dostom helped the US $ 10,000, Atah Mohammad Noor with $ 5,000 and a number of businessmen, members of the National Assembly, provincial councils and some former government officials.
A compromise by a number of government officials has also promised to cooperate with the Reporter Support Fund.
However, Mr. Wardak expressed his hope that the future government of Afghanistan and the international community will also support the fund.
According to officials, more than a million Afghans are currently being funded in this fund, and in the first case, 50,000 afghanis have been donated to the family of Zebir Hatami, a private photographer of Mitra, and another 50,000 to two other television cameras.
However, Mr. Wardak said the fund is for all reporters all over the country and is not related to any particular institution or individuals.
Wardak emphasized that every reporter who is the guard, inspector and owner of this fund should support it.
According to him, according to the rules laid down, only journalists who have membership in the fund can use the funds of the fund, but in some cases other journalists can borrow long-term loans.
Meanwhile, Asef Wardak said that the officials of the Fund for the Support of Journalists will meet with President Ashraf Ghani and Executive Director Abdullah Abdullah soon and will ask for support.
Mr. Wardak said that the UPA and the international community are also calling for support for this chest.
Reporters in Afghanistan face a lot of problems, including insecurity and lack of money for treatment and other needs, and the activity of the fund is a good start for supporting journalists.
Meanwhile, the New Year’s Association for the Protection of Afghan Nationalists (NID) has called the year 2014 a bloodthirsty year for Afghan journalists and announced that 125 violent incidents, including eight journalists’ killings, were registered this year.

Abdul Bari Universal: We are ready for any kind of cooperation with the Afghan Journalists Fund

Publish Date: May 25, 2015 Category: General

Abdul Bari World Minister of Information and Culture met with Mohammad Asef Wardak, chairman and members of the fundraising board of journalists from Afghanistan.

According to the BNA agency, the fund has been helping a number of journalists with material and spiritual support since the founding of the fund, and said that the fund has been providing medical assistance to three journalists in an emergency, the chairman of the fund, said in an interview with journalists about how to create a fund for journalists and a procedure for helping journalists in emergency situations. He has also helped poor India journalists.

He added that in the future, with the help of philanthropic donations, merchants and influential personalities will provide other good opportunities for other journalists.

Abdul Rashid Wali, while expressing his gratitude to the journalists for his commitment to the chair and board of directors of the fund, promising to cooperate with journalists and members of the fund, wishing the volunteers to succeed in the success of their charities.

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